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    Stylish Head Fashion Through Cultures

    Head fashion, or the act of wearing some type of adornment on one’s head, is an essential part of countless cultural traditions. When thinking of head fashion, perhaps your mind goes to the eccentric fascinators worn by members of British society while they attend social gatherings like weddings. Or perhaps turbans come to mind, the intricately wrapped cloth headpieces which are typically worn by those adhering to certain Eastern religions like Sikhism. If not those two examples, maybe your mind went to the Hijab, the long veils worn wrapped around the heads of women practicing Islam.

    No matter the culture or cultural practice, head wear has long held a place in the history of fashion, yet is often overlooked as an item to be revered. But then you may question, “does the standard baseball cap really need to be revered? Absolutely! Why? Because that same baseball cap is a way of showcasing identity. By wearing that front-billed hat, the wearer is affiliating themselves with the chosen design, logo or colours. It’s a way to show off your likes, dislikes or perfectly reflect your personality.

    The same could be said for the fascinators crafted by world renowned Irish milliner, Phillip Treacy, who has created iconic head pieces, such as the iconic one worn by HRH Princess Beatrice as well as celebrities like the Meghan Markle, Lady Gaga, Madonna, Naomi Campbell and Sarah Jessica Parker. In an interview with the creative himself, Phillip Treacy was prompted to explain his process when it comes to designing custom head fashion. He stated, somewhat infamously, “When people come and visit me and have a hat made, it’s a little bit like visiting a psychiatrist, but they don’t actually realise that.” His rationalisation around his particular design process only speaks to the uniqueness of individual expression when it comes to the cultural practice of head fashion.

    While the wearing of scarves as headwear initially started out of necessity in many parts of the world, women in particular took this essential piece of cloth and transformed it into an elaborate fashion statement. Imported silks from Asia that featured handcrafted designs and intricately woven, vibrantly coloured patterns, were soon adopted by women around the world as welcome additions to their wardrobes. Prime examples of this tradition can be seen throughout the African continent. Egyptian royalty would wear brightly coloured headscarves to signify their elevated status and Nubian Queens were well known for their veritable crowns of finely woven silk. Not only did these headscarves protect the women from the harsh sub-Saharan sun, they were used to convey tribal affiliation and cultural status.

    So, no matter the occasion, culture or tradition, perhaps next time you put on your chosen head fashion, you’ll feel a kindred spirit with your favourite sports star, fashion designer or regal Queen. Your choice reflects your unique sense of identity. Even a unique cap or turban can showcase your style! Whatever it may be, just be sure to wear it with your head held high!

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